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Adionai is a Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Faceted Musician, Poet, DJ and Transformational Facilitator + Guide. Between performing his unique flavor of Alternative Medicine Music, holding space at Ecstatic Dances, or guiding souls into embodiment through Meditative Movement Journeys- he weaves through festivals and events amidst the west coast’s rising conscious culture with palpable intentions for humanity's freedom into soul sovereignty and collective unification. While growing up feeling estranged and unable to truly express his soul in this world, music was the only thing that truly made sense, as it began to channel through him hand-in-hand with the massive mystic openings that would reveal his purpose on earth being to guide listeners back to their hearts through this Music as the most powerful medium. Spiraling through everything from Rap, to Electronic, to Indie Rock, to Medicine Music, to Improvised Light Language; Adionai is a true voice for spirit, transmitting raw feeling from the depths of the collective soul via hypnotic melodies and authentically awake lyrics to weave dimensions and unveil bridges to an Earth wherein every part of us is and always has been held as a vital, sacred, and celebrated part of the greater love song of our shared human story.

My Artists Sessions

Monday, August 10

12:00pm JST

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