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Kenji Furutate (Japan)

Japanese drummer and percussionist
Born in Osaka in 1980, Kenji Furutate studied classical music with Kiyohiko Senba and Shintaro Sendo.

Founded "GONNA" with members since 2003. Active as a core member. Kenji has been well received by performing at live tours and events throughout the country and at the 2005 Aichi Expo "Aichi Expo".
Since 2006, he has been working independently as a solo artist. We are currently performing a live concert called "Meet's Jam", and the live concept is "freedom of sound, the encounter of sounds". They perform live with various guests every time, and make music composition mainly on improvisation and ad-lib performance on the spot.

Performed a jam session live with his teacher, Kiyohiko Senba, in March 2007.
Goed to NY for two months from April 2007, and felt the authentic music with hands. Performed in China in September and November 2007. "Japan-China Cultural and Sports Exchange Year" commemorating the 35th anniversary of the normalization of Japanese-Chinese relations was also performed at the Grand Finale Concert held in November of the same project sponsored by the Japanese government. (Broadcast all over China and broadcast nationally on NHK)
Invited to Hamilton, New Zealand for the second year in a row in 2008 and 2009, performing various events and school performances in various places, and also performing as a guest performer at the Wadaiko Festival and Summer Festival.
In November 2009, as a producer at a joint concert of Zero and the festival, "For the Children" concert was held to develop a unique awareness. At this concert, we also raised funds and received the support of many customers.

Music is communication!
Rhythm is a conversation!
My life is a meeting of sound!

Feelings for Japanese drums. I would like to play the music that expresses myself through the genre of music through the Japanese taiko and the performance of the Japanese taiko and makes people who enjoy watching and supporting me enjoy the music.

I have a dream I want to continue to discover the purpose of my life, my dream, as I continue to achieve each goal, starting with taiko.

The driving force for that dream is the passion and desire for Japanese drums.
I will keep walking.
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