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George Cummings

UN SDG14 Oceans, #OneOcean
Ambassador, Biochemist, technologist , Scuba Diver, video journalist | Impact Team Co-Chair

"People protect what they LOVE" - Jacques Cousteau

UN SDG14 Ocean Ambassador, Biochemist, technology enthusiast with 30 years of scuba diving experience as a video journalist. George has a deep passion to make a difference inspiring everyone he comes in contact with to join him in the global quest for the sustainable use of the world's marine ecosystem. His desire is to provide visual storytelling multimedia expertise to assist marine scientists to explore, experiment, and discover innovative effective best practice technology marine system solutions for our planet’s environmental climate and ocean issues.

George is the SDG14 advisor for multiple Ocean focused NGOs and coastal communities. He admires collaboration with people of Action, with his fins in the water approach to address the seven global targets for UNESCO’s Decade of Ocean Science in the seas of the Caribbean and Coral Triangle. He enjoys school speaking engagements “Ocean Talks” to inspire students to consider pursuing STEAM career paths in the emerging sustainable Blue Economy. His mission is to advance the public understanding, and use of best practice SDG14 solutions for the conservation of coral reefs, all ocean creatures, and coastal environments. George focuses on engaging with like-minded multi-disciplined scientists, conservationists, and passionate citizen science divers seeking participation in the Decade of Ocean Science. His focus has a primary goal to enhance and assist local island governments and ocean stakeholders to transition their community by facilitating and empowering sustainable “Blue Economy” businesses to protect their community’s critical and limited marine resources.

“ I enjoy working with leading innovative teams, like Experimental Atelier, who are working globally to create innovative SDG14 awareness projects in communities which will inform their citizens about the host of services and benefits the ocean provides even the most inland communities. The leaders at EA share my dream and vision is to inspire youth to seek STEAM scientific studies as a career. Scientific education with local government collaboration can open the exploration mind to engage our environment with a passion to act responsibly”

NGOs Advising:
World Federation Coral Reef Conservation, Reef Life Foundation, Ensynox,
Experiential Atelier, Beyond Coral Foundation, Central Texas Ocean Coalition,
Mahonia Na Dari Papua New Guinea, Ocean Research Center AC (TBD Jan 2020 MX in progress, C19)

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